LSRS Attendance

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Forrest Johnson Wing Needs Lead CR
Bill Culberson
Dave Laird strong maybe, depends on his leg
Joe Enzminger Lead
Mike Cavanagh Wing
Ron Barson Lead
Jim Bernier Needs Wing CR
Edwin Curry Wing may have to skip Saturday (should have lead rec, needs lead check)
Glenn Smith Wing has to skip Saturday and Sunday
Jon Boede Lead
Bud Forester
Bruce Stringfellow
Zach McNeill CP
Doug Gilliss IP
John Sykes Wing
Glenn A Friedrich Wing should have lead rec, needs lead check
Tracie Paulsen
Mike Bruno Lead
Kilo Watts IP
Carlos Ortiz
Mike Voracek L-29
Roma Skinner jet
Terry Slawinski Lead
Jim Shanks confirm
John Unangst IP confirm
Ron Wasson yes
Bill Powers IP confirm
Harold Middleton confirm
Phil Salter probably no
Cris Jones unknown
Steve Prejean maybe
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