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This is the to-do list. For information on the event, click on "article" tab above.


[edit] LSRS Event Checklist

[edit] Event Organizer

  • Image:Ok.jpg Jon Boede

[edit] Air Boss

  • Image:Ok.jpg Jon, Zach, Terry (Wednesday night)

[edit] Ground Boss

  • Image:Ok.jpg Tracie Paulsen
  • Image:Ok.jpg Bud Forester

[edit] Clinic IP

  • Image:Ok.jpg Kilo for Wing, Ski for Lead

[edit] Clinic CP

  • Image:Ok.jpg Zach McNeill

[edit] Location

  • Image:Ok.jpg Notice
  • Image:Ok.jpg Permission
  • Image:Ok.jpg George says we can use his hangers in case of scary weather

[edit] Guests Invite

[edit] Parachute Packing

  • Image:Ok.jpg Gene Bland committed to Saturday
    • Image:Ok.jpg Packing tables will be located in CWAM main hangar, SW corner
    • Image:Ok.jpg Luis wants to help
    • Image:Ok.jpg needs 2" x 3/8" rubber bands... two places in Dallas might have them

[edit] Guest Speaker

  • Image:Ok.jpg Gail Peck – Constant Peg (coming)
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Ask if he has any invites (yes, will get back to us)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Stu McCurdy coming to BBQ

[edit] City of Lancaster

  • Image:Ok.jpg Ask if they have any guests for the banquet (included in BBQ list)

[edit] Lead/Instructors/Check Pilot

[edit] Designated check pilot

  • Image:Ok.jpg Zach

[edit] Instructor Pilots

  • Image:Ok.jpg Gilliss, McNeill (CP), Slawinski (CP), Watts (CP)

[edit] Lead pilots

  • Image:Ok.jpg Boede, Bruno, Enzminger

[edit] Volunteers

  • Image:Ok.jpg someone to pick up donuts each morning

[edit] Media and City

  • Image:Ok.jpg Bud
    • Image:Ok.jpg Jay will wrangle reporters when Bud is flying

[edit] Lead Volunteer

  • Image:Ok.jpg Phil

[edit] June 5th Thursday

  • Water / Golf Car
    • Image:Ok.jpg Debbie
  • Photographers
    • Image:Ok.jpg Kelly (After Thurs 1330)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott S.
  • Line Crew
    • Image:Ok.jpg Joe (Jeep Driver & Golf Cart relief)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Byron (Jeep Driver & Golf Cart relief)

[edit] June 6th Friday

  • Water / Golf Car
    • Image:Ok.jpg Debbie
  • Photographers
    • Image:Ok.jpg Kelly
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott S.
  • Line Crew
    • Image:Ok.jpg Sean (Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Joe (Jeep Driver & Golf Cart relief)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott C. (Ground Ops)

[edit] June 7th Saturday

  • Water / Golf Car
    • Image:Ok.jpg Erlin
    • Image:Ok.jpg Stephanie
  • Photographers
    • Image:Ok.jpg Kelly
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott S.
  • Line Crew
    • Image:Ok.jpg Debbie (Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Sean (Mi-24 Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott C. (Jeep Driver & Golf Cart relief - hourly)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Luis (Parachutes Packing)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Jordan (Parachutes Packing relief)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Brett (Ground Ops)

[edit] June 8th Sunday

  • Water / Golf Car
    • Image:Ok.jpg Erlin
    • Image:Ok.jpg Stephanie
  • Photographers
    • Image:Ok.jpg Kelly (Leaving 1500)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Scott S.
  • Line Crew
    • Image:Ok.jpg Debbie (Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Sean (Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Luis (Jeep Driver & Golf Cart relief)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Jordan (Ground Ops)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Brett (Ground Ops)

[edit] Hotel / Transportation / Airport Pick up & Drop off

  • Image:Ok.jpg Locate hotels
    • Image:Ok.jpg 5 x rooms at Holiday Inn, Natalie seems competent
    • Image:Ok.jpg Driving directions
  • Image:Ok.jpg Rent van EZT#45 (Confirmed under Tracie)
    • Image:Ok.jpg 3 Vans pick up/drop off location -- 1303 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75202 On June 5th @ Noon.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Luis (Back up)
      • Image:Ok.jpg Joe
      • Image:Ok.jpg Byron
        • Image:Ok.jpg TP, Luis & Stephanie
  • Image:Ok.jpg Airport Pick ups/Drop offs
    • Image:Ok.jpg Zach (Flights Confirmed)
      • AR Tue Jun 3rd -- DFW on AA1865 @ 6:25pm - Image:Ok.jpg Jon will pick up
      • DP Sun Jun 8th -- DFW on AA1914 @ 2:45pm Image:Ok.jpg Stephanie will drop him off
    • Image:Ok.jpg Debbie (Flights Confirmed)
      • AR Thu Jun 5th -- DFW on UA812 @ 1:53pm - Image:Ok.jpg Joe will pick up
      • LV Sun Jun 8th -- DFW on UA583 @ 7:12pm - Image:Ok.jpg TP will drop her off
    • Image:Ok.jpg Kelly (Flights Confirmed)
      • AR Thu Jun 5th -- Dallas/Love (DAL) 1:02PM, Continental Airline Flight CO2826 - Image:Ok.jpg Joe will pick up
      • DP Sun Jun 8th -- Dallas/Love (DAL) 4:00PM, Continental Airline Flight CO2406 - Image:Ok.jpg Erlin will drop her
    • Image:Ok.jpg Gail Peck (Flights Confirmed)
      • AR Thu Jun 5th -- Dallas/Love (DAL) 4:35PM, Southwest WN41 - Image:Ok.jpg Bruce will pick him up
      • DP Sun Jun 8th -- Dallas/Love (DAL) 3:10PM, Southwest WN1599 - Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Bruce or Bud to drop him off

[edit] Advertising

  • Image:Ok.jpg Post schedule
  • Image:Ok.jpg Web site
    • Image:Ok.jpg Domain names
    • Image:Ok.jpg Create content
  • Image:Ok.jpg LSRS Patch EZT#9
    • Image:Ok.jpg Design
    • Image:Ok.jpg Approval
    • Image:Ok.jpg Quote ($284/100)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Orders
  • Image:Ok.jpg Design T-shirts (zazzle) - Tracie
  • Image:Ok.jpg Invitation (All YAK/CJ within 750 miles) EZT#31
    • Image:Ok.jpg Create invitation
    • Image:Ok.jpg Printing
    • Image:Ok.jpg Mailing Labels
    • Image:Ok.jpg Stamps

[edit] Social

[edit] June 5th Thursday

  • Image:Ok.jpg Tina keeping the cafe open for dinner
    • Image:Ok.jpg Need to get final count to her

[edit] June 6th Friday

  • Image:Ok.jpg Boxcar (confirmed, under R.L. Skinner)
    • Image:Ok.jpg boxcar will have food
    • Image:Ok.jpg need to give them estimate to help plan

[edit] June 7th Saturday

  • Banquet
    • Image:Ok.jpg Hangar
      • Image:Ok.jpg CAF says we can use their briefing room
      • Image:Ok.jpg Extra table for guests (caterer providing)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Drinks (caterer providing tea, event providing water)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Need soda
    • Image:Ok.jpg Beer
      • Image:Ok.jpg Z says it's SOP, keep it low-key
      • Image:Ok.jpg Bruce agrees
      • Image:Ok.jpg wine goes in fridge
      • Image:Ok.jpg buy beer, wine (Jon)
    • Food
      • Image:Ok.jpg Phil working BBQ (ordered)

[edit] BBQ

  • Reed * .1, Weiner + 1, Watson * .8, Dickerson * .1, Jethro, Corey, Wolcott + 1.25, FBO = 3, VTC = 2.5, Bruce * .8, Phil, Bud + 5, Jon, TP, Roma + .8, Vorcek, Volunteers = 11, Zach, Scott S., Brad, Gail Peck + 1, Gene Bland + 1, Stu McCurdy * .9, CAF = 5, Press = 3, RPA Pilots = 20, "Maybes" = 2 * .5, Ned Beiser * .3, Andre P. * .3, John Wilhoc (Podium Guy) * .3, Lucky * .1, Bill Leavelle, Vaughn * .2, David Anderson * .7, Tony Barone + 1, Toni + 1, Keith (airport board) * .5, Sean + 2, (Johnson + 5) * .2, Harvey, Ronald Watt.
    • Image:Ok.jpg re-confirm and email BBQ-only folks

[edit] Field Run

  • Image:Ok.jpg fluids (144x8oz propel, 45x20oz propel caffinated, 168x8oz gatorade, 150x8oz Ozarka = 507 units)
    • Image:Info.jpg Sam's Club has Propel and water at good prices
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Cookies
    • Image:Info.jpg ICS says that Subway has the best prices
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Need Ice
    • Call Reddy Ice 214-526-6740 for Ice delivery. (100lb per day)
    • Emergency Ice Inc (972 988 0577) Contact person is Danielle -- Per Bud
      • 35lbs bags @ $7.50 each (plus tax). Minimum delivery is 10 bags. Price includes delivery plus fuel surcharge which they would figure on day of order. They can deliver on one hours notice. Our white coolers will hold 3 - 4 bags each. They have storage options starting at $100.00 rental. They take credit cards, cash and company checks (no personal checks).

[edit] Documents

  • Set up Registration (TP will take care of this)
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Set up Welcome packets (Jon will take care of all these)
    • Image:Ok.jpg RPA documents are here
    • Image:Ok.jpg daily briefing plan
    • Image:Ok.jpg CWAM Brochure (have enough)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Meal tickets for Saturday BBQ (printed)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Patch (Jon has all the patches)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Fuel Credit Card registration with FBO (finished)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Sign combined hold harmless, PIC and Pilot Information form (printed)
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Payment Worksheet
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg FBO WiFi code and computers in canteen
    • Image:Ok.jpg File Folders to hold Registration Packets and/or training forms (Jon purchased)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Prop Tags (printed)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Sortie cards (pads printed)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Formation Proficiency Reports (pads printed)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Yak and CJ "heat" map (printed)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Event Itinerary
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Bathroom plan
    • Area of operations (for Flights)
      • Image:Ok.jpg Airports worksheet: Lancaster, Ennis, Redbird, Love (printed)
      • Image:Ok.jpg Where is the nearest crash/fire/rescue? Redbird
      • Image:Ok.jpg Area Maps
      • Image:Ok.jpg Airspace Plan
      • Image:Ok.jpg Driving directions
        • Image:Ok.jpg Hotels
        • Image:Ok.jpg Boxcar
      • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg List of Bars & Restaurants
  • Image:Ok.jpg Collects Completed Forms (TP will be taking care of this)
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg List of Line Crew and their Operating areas
  • Image:Ok.jpg Lock box for Registrations (TP's taking care of this)
  • Image:Ok.jpg volunteer briefing presentation (finished)
  • Signage
    • Image:Ok.jpg Registration (arrived)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Briefing (just leave registration sign up)
  • Image:Ok.jpg File NOTAM 3 days before, 877-487-6867 (filed, 1425 06/02)
  • Image:Ok.jpg oil worksheet for cart
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg event de-brief evaluation sheet

[edit] Equipment

  • Classrooms
    • Image:Ok.jpg Check with CAF for 2x classrooms on Friday (Charlie says yes, both rooms)
      • Image:Ok.jpg Arb says we can use suite 203 upstairs at FBO (will use as main briefing room)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Parachutes Tables & Chairs (delivered)
  • Projector
    • Image:Ok.jpg Emmanuel has confirmed, also projection screen
    • Image:Ok.jpg pick up equipment on Wednesday
  • Image:Ok.jpg Safety Vest (Bud placed orders)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Safety Wands (Bud placed orders)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Fire extinguishers for carts
  • Image:Ok.jpg Bungee Cords to secure coolers onto Golf Carts
  • Image:Ok.jpg Darn Fine Cart needs different hitch for passenger cart (installed)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Explorer Vehicle for Gale Peck (good to go)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Laptop (jon bringing laptop)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Microphone/Speakers/Podium (Bud getting this from John W.)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Flags (Bud is getting - look into flags on stantions)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Fans for briefing areas (In Museum Hangar - Per TP)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Easels (Bud)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Jeep from CAF
    • Image:Ok.jpg oil, anti-freeze, hot shot purchased
    • Image:Ok.jpg need to bungee water cooler
    • Image:Ok.jpg trash bags purchased
    • Image:Ok.jpg oil worksheet, rubber bands, sunscreen, fire extinguisher
    • Image:Ok.jpg canvas tool bag - screwdriver, pliers, air gauge
  • Image:Ok.jpg White Board & Dry Erase Markers (Jon)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Note Pads & Pens (Jon)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Rubber bands for prop tags (Jon)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Sunscreen
  • Image:Ok.jpg Chocks & Tie Downs (double-check with FBO)
  • Image:Ok.jpg SCUBA Air
    • Image:Info.jpg place up by 635 and 35E is $20/week for bottles
  • Image:Ok.jpg oil (airport ordered oil, including 25W60)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Ask Bewley to borrow golf cart (said yes)
  • Spares
    • Image:Ok.jpg tubes
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg locate old tires as spares
    • Image:Ok.jpg Nitrogen fill (delivered)
    • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg Other spares?
  • Image:Ok.jpg 2 White Coolers (In Museum Hangar - Per TP)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Extra Coolers (Bud?)
  • Image:Ok.jpg A&P (Ask Bill to be there - Jon)
  • Image:Ok.jpg car magnets (arrived)

[edit] Others

  • CFIs for bi-annual
    • Image:Ok.jpg Corey will be out Saturday, maybe more
  • Image:Ok.jpg Sanitary bags for CWAM ladies room in-placed.
  • Image:Ok.jpg Bathrooms at CWAM (TP & Sean)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Ladies room
      • Image:Ok.jpg Sanitary bin emptied & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Keys to Sanitary left with Don.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Toilet papers are all refilled.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Sinks all are cleaned & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Toilets are cleaned & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg All doors & handles are cleaned & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Napkin holder refilled.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Swept, mopped & decon.
    • Image:Ok.jpg Men room
      • Image:Ok.jpg Toilet papers are all refilled.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Sinks all are cleaned & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Toilets & urinals are cleaned & sanitized.
      • Image:Ok.jpg All doors & handles are cleaned & sanitized (Sean).
      • Image:Ok.jpg Napkin holder refilled.
      • Image:Ok.jpg Swept (Sean), mopped & DECON! :-)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Water fountain is cleaned & sanitized. (Sean)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Table cloth for coffee table is in the museum office. (TP)
    • Image:Ok.jpg Coffee table cleaned & table cloth in placed.
    • Image:Ok.jpg Coffee maker set up
      • Image:Ok.jpg Need more coffee
      • Image:Ok.jpg Coffee cups (purchased)
    • Image:Ok.jpg All magazines are under TV in the cabinet.
  • Image:Ok.jpg Work discussion of SC regional director board seat in somewhere (Sunday)
  • Image:Ok.jpg OSH briefing in the main briefing on Sunday
  • Image:Ok.jpg Finalize fee
  • Image:Ok.jpg What is the city planning?
    • They advertised... talked to Lynette Lakey Taff and she'll keep it low key.
  • Image:Warning_Sign.jpg RPA merchandise box - (emailed Ski)
  • Image:Ok.jpg T-shirts for Line Crew - TP (Design completed, t-shirts arrived)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Badges for Line Crew - TP
  • Image:Ok.jpg Jim bringing the AN-2 on Saturday
  • Image:Ok.jpg Flush out large coffee maker at CWAM (Phil & Sean)Ready for use 28May08
  • Image:Ok.jpg Order Staff T-shirts (Confirmed - Per TP)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Credit Card size laminated card for Volunteers for questions
    • Numbers to include:
      • Bud 469-569-5135,
      • Phil 214-535-8598,
      • Jon 512-789-3201,
      • TP 214-552-7519,
      • LNC FBO 972-227-5721
  • Image:Ok.jpg "RESERVED" sign for head table (not going to do this)
  • Image:Ok.jpg Place sitting arrangements for head table (printed)

[edit] Suggestions

  • list of attendees in packet
  • RPA form flight brief - laminated
  • Kilo's wing/lead flight briefs
  • QSF-2A valve, spare
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