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[edit] Volunteers — the life blood of an organization

The Cold War Air Museum is a volunteer run and maintained organization. At the present time our hours are dictated by the availability of volunteers to man the facility and provide both physical security and knowledgeable escort services to museum patrons. We are currently recruiting interested persons to join with us in providing a safe, enjoyable and educational experience for museum patrons.

Being a volunteer escort allows you to participate in the activities of the museum as an involved and critical part of the fabric of the organization. It gets you close to the aircraft, the pilots and the knowledge that comes from association with some of aviation's unique and special events and people. As a volunteer, you can provide the fabric of the history of the cold war to visitors as well as learning from them. It is not uncommon for visitors to bring special and valuable insights to the museum experience.

A recent visitor turned out to be the director of the "red flag" operation for the United States Army and had more than 400 hours in the MI-24 as pilot. He wrote the manuals and evaluations for our government and devoted several hours to the museum sharing with us this unique picture into the world of aircraft evaluation.

If you are interested in joining with us please contact us thru the museum link on the left and we will be delighted to get you involved with our growing and exciting museum.

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