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== Welcome to the <br>Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) ==
== Welcome to the <br>Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) ==
Founded in 2003, we are a non-profit flying museum dedicated to the preservation and education of Cold War era aircraft at our 45,000 square foot three hangar facility located at Lancaster Airport (KLNC) in Lancaster, Texas, USA.
Founded in 2003, we are a non-profit flying museum dedicated to education and the preservation of Cold War era aircraft at our 45,000 square foot three hangar facility located at Lancaster Airport (KLNC) in Lancaster, Texas, USA.
== [ Latest News and Pictures] ==
== [ Latest News and Pictures] ==

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Welcome to the
Cold War Air Museum (CWAM)

Founded in 2003, we are a non-profit flying museum dedicated to education and the preservation of Cold War era aircraft at our 45,000 square foot three hangar facility located at Lancaster Airport (KLNC) in Lancaster, Texas, USA.

Latest News and Pictures

The museum is again keeping a diary of current projects and progress at our blogsite, Click here to visit the blog.


2016 AIRSHOW SCHEDULE(Updated May 30th)

May 14 Airsho 2016 Corsicana, TX
Jun 18 Denton Air Show Denton, TX
Aug 20-21 Thunder over Michigan Detroit, MI
Sep 3 Warbirds on Parade Lancaster, TX
Sep 2-4 Cockpit-Fest USA@CWAM Lancaster, TX
Sep 10Bluebonnet Air Show Burnet,TX
Sep 17-18Heart of Texas Air Show Waco,TX
Sep 24Flights of our Fathers Fly in Terrell,TX
Oct 22 DFW Aviation Expo DFW Airport, TX
Oct 23-24 Skyball DFW Airport, TX

2015 Shows Attended

May 04 - Guns and Hoses Firewheel - Garland,TX
May 09 - Air Sho 2015* - Corsicana,TX
May 23-24 - Discover Aviation & Airshow* - Sundance,OK
May 29 - McKinney Aviation Academy - McKinney,TX
Sep 4-6 - Cockpit-Fest USA @ CWAM - Lancaster,TX
Sep 05 - Warbirds on Parade - Lancaster, TX
Sep 19 - Flights of Our Fathers Fly-In - Terrell,TX
Sep 26 - Air Sho 2015 - Corsicana,TX
Oct 23 - Aviation Transport Career Expo* - DFW,TX
Oct 24-25 - Sky Ball Airpower Foundation* - DFW,TX
* Rain out

MiG23 Transferred


Lancaster, Texas, USA - 8 January 2014 - The Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) announced today that it has transferred its MiG23 to a private party who moved the aircraft to an undisclosed USAF base. The CWAM MiG23-UB aircraft arrived in Lancaster in early January 2007 from Bulgaria. The aircraft was assembled and systems were "shaken out" over the course of a number of years to a point where the aircraft was being reliably started and taxied on a regular basis. CWAM submitted an Experimental Aircraft Maintenance Plan to the FAA for approval, but the project stalled as CWAM could not find a sponsor to push it over the finish line.


Fluids were drained from the aircraft, the wings were removed, and the stablators were removed in preparation to transport the aircraft. Once loaded, the rear overhang was excessive and the nose cone was removed in order to comply with the transportation permit. The wings were packed beneath the aircraft forward of the mains and rear of the nose gear. The stablators were strapped to the forward elevated area of the trailer, just behind the aircraft's exhaust. the nose cone has strapped behind the right main landing gear.

CWAM is a 100% volunteer based 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving and displaying cold war era aircraft. All donations, made to the museum, fund aircraft projects. If you would like to sponsor an existing of future CWAM aircraft project, please contact us.

CWAM at ICAS 2013


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) made its third consecutive appearance at the 2013 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) annual convention. CWAM filled its 2014 air show schedule in two days at the convention with the Mi-24 act. To book one of two or both of the Mi-24's at your 2015 air show, please contact us now.

CWAM Attended AirShows in 2013

- Apr 27 - Take to the Skies Airfest - Durant, OK (KDUA)
- May 03 - Central Texas Air Show - Temple, TX (KTPL)
- May 11 - Corsicana AirSho - Corsicana, TX (KCRS)
- Aug 31 - Warbirds on Parade - Lancaster, TX (KLNC)
- Sep 21 - Flights of Our Fathers - Terrell, TX (KTRL)
- Sep 28 - Heart of Texas Airshow - Waco, TX (KACT)
- Oct 03 - DFW Expo - DFW Airport, TX (KDFW)
- Oct 04 - Sky Ball - DFW Airport, TX (KDFW)
- Oct 19 - Alliance Air Show - Ft. Worth, TX (KAFW)
- Nov 02 - Airfest - Georgetown, TX (KGTN)

Mi-24 at the 2012 ICAS


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) made its second consecutive appearance at the 2012 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) annual convention. CWAM filled its 2013 air show schedule at the three day convention with the Mi-24 act. Most air show event organizers are in attendance at ICAS as are most airshow acts. To get the Mi-24 at your 2014 air show, contact us soon.

CWAM Finishes 2012 Strong


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) just completed its last three shows of the 2012 Air Show season. CWAM provided Cold War era Soviet Jet and Helicopter static displays at the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show, the Marine Corps Sky Ball at DFW Airport, and the Georgetown Airfest at Georgetown Airport which is located just north of Austin, Texas. The Sky Ball and Georgetown appearances were the debut air shows for helicopter Bord #120. Pilots and mechanics report that Bord #120 performed flawlessly with it's freshly overhauled rotor hub. An additional note regarding Bord #120 -- the aircraft was flown using its original Russian intercom and its VHF Soviet radios, which also performed flawlessly. CWAM is in hopes that this project will prove to be successful and we will be able to use Soviet intercom/radio systems in all of its aircraft restorations in the future.

CWAM Goes British For The Weekend


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) was invited to the No. 1 British Flying Training School Museum's annual fly-in and festivities, this past weekend. The British Training School invited the CWAM operated L-39 and Mi-24 Hind to their event. While there, all of the CWAM volunteers were treated to the greatest of hospitality and kindness by the organizers and all in attendance. Many thanks to the No. 1 British Flying Training School Museum for inviting us to your event.

CWAM Wows Warbird on Parade Crowds

At this year's Warbird on Parade event, the Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) attended with an L29 Delfin, L39 Albatross, MiG-21 Mongol, MiG-23 Flogger, and two Mi24-D Hinds. This is the sixth year that CWAM has attended this event and we placed more assets in display motion than ever before. The L39 executed two display flights, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


CWAM's MiG-23 made two afterburner runs. Above, you can see the MiG showing its stuff to the absolute pleasure and amazement of the crowd. The MiG-23UB has entered flight ready status and is awaiting paperwork approval from the FAA as we work toward the aircraft's airworthiness certificate. CWAM is looking for an aircraft sponsor. Please contact Jon if you are interested in helping us bring this legendary aircraft to life so everyone in the United States can enjoy the experience.


Near the end of the show, one of the CWAM operated Mi24-D Hinds lifted into a hover and continued to wow the crowd. A US Army Apache, Blackhawk, and Huey lifted shortly thereafter and the aircraft all negotiated for safe separation. Two passes were made to KLNC's one-three where the CWAM Hind stayed right pattern aligning on taxi alpha, parallel one-three, with the Army aircraft forming on main one-three, left pattern. As you can see, this made for some exciting and unique photo opportunities for those in attendance.

Seven Air Show Successes Marks First Season Halfway Point


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) has just completed the first half of it's first air show season with a strong showing of six straight weeks of air show appearances. CWAM started the season as the keynote exhibit at the annual HeliExpo's inaugural Heritage of Helicopter area. On April 14th, the CWAM Mi-24 started it's grueling travel schedule at the Blubonet Air Show and concluded six weeks and shows later at the local Mesquite Air Show. Many of the air shows  included demonstrations of the Mi-24 coordinated with the pyrotechnics of the CAF Blastards. The work with the Blastards and the flight of the Mi-24 with an L-39 at two of the air shows gave crowds a glimpse of the CWAM performance being practiced for the 2013 air show season. To reserve the CWAM Mi-24 act at your 2013 air show or event, contact us.

CWAM Makes A Big Hit at Heli-Expo


HAI's Heli-Expo met this year at the Dallas Convention Center and CWAM's Mi-24 was invited to participate in the first ever Heritage of Helicopter Display. CWAM's Mi24 exhibit was one of the biggest hits of the show. The landing area arrival and departure as well as convention center entry and exit turned many heads behind the scenes. Thank you to the HAI staff for the extraordinary hospitality that was extended to the CWAM volunteers. Also thanks to the museum volunteers for helping with the helo's movement and the RSJT Angels for collecting donations throughout the conference exhibition.

Flogger Ready For Flight Worthiness Tests


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) has recently completed run tests on the MiG-23UB Flogger and everything is functioning perfectly. CWAM is now working to secure additional ground test devices for the Flogger to verify systems parameters. The aircraft's AAIP was submitted to the Dallas FSDO earlier this year and we are in hopes that we'll be receiving a call from the FAA very soon. This bird is almost ready to fly.

Mi-24 Brand Sells at ICAS


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) attended the 2011 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) annual convention and unveiled new marketing material for the Mi-24 act. Most air shows in North America book their acts based on contacts established at ICAS. CWAM's Mi-24 brand was received very well and details are beings finalized for the release of the aircraft's 2012 air show season schedule. Fortunately, CWAM now manages two Mi-24's so more air shows will be able to see the aircraft. To get one of the Mi-24 at your air show, contact us.

Second Mi-24 Airworthiness


It took about four years for the Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) to get the first Mi-24 Hind (bord 118) flight worthy and ready for it's April 2010 inspection by the FAA for an airworthiness certificate. A little more than a year later in May of 2011, CWAM brought the second Mi-24 (bord 120) forward to receive its airworthiness certificate from the Ft. Worth MIDO. No other civilian organization in the United States has been able to achieve the tasks of preparing two Hinds for airworthiness certification, and actually flying both aircraft concurrently. During the same time frame that the Hinds were being restored, CWAM assembled a MiG-21, a MiG-23, and brought three Mi2 Hoplites through their restoration process to FAA airworthiness certificates. Thanks to all of the museum volunteers for contributing to this series of truly monumental accomplishments.

CWAM's Legendary MiG-21 Restoration Progresses


The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. (CWAM) MiG-21UM (two seater) has recently been started and all engine functions worked perfectly. The aircraft's gear retraction hydraulics have been replaced, all hoses have been measured and replacements have been ordered, wheel assemblies were overhauled, tires were replaced with new rubber, and avionics updates have been started. The museum hopes to have the MiG-21 ready for high speed taxing and preflight ready final maintenance by Fall of 2012 and airworthiness certification before the end of the year. CWAM Board Member and Safety Officer Jon Boede commented that, "we will take our time and make sure all details are addressed with this aircraft and the training of the pilots before flights begin in this aircraft. Respect is demanded when 42 of the aircraft's emergency procedures end with the same phrase -- eject!" Lancaster Airport's (KLNC) recent runway extension will be appreciated for MiG-21 regular operations.

CWAM is a Non-Profit

The Cold War Air Museum, Inc. has been certified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This codifies the museum as a public treasure.

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